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The Code of the Ninja requires focus, discipline, concentration. It can be a lot of fun if you’re into coding languages.

Code Ninjas, a Houston, Texas-based franchise specializing in STEM training for children, has opened a new location off Garrisonville Road in North Stafford. The center teaches computer-literate kids about coding languages such as Javascript, C Sharp, and Python by building video games and teaching kids how to use other devices such as robotics and 3-D printers.

Jessica Massey, the franchise owner, is a native of Stafford County and met her husband, a Marine who was stationed at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico. The Masseys and Code Ninjas first came together when they were trying to find an activity for their son who wasn’t interested in the typical athletics many of his age get into.

Massey’s son took to the coding classes quickly and had fun learning about computer coding. He knew the coding wasn’t the basic block coding but putting together lengthy lines of code like programmers and engineers do in the IT world.

Massey herself would soon enter this world when she lost her job as a District Manager for Cici’s Pizza in 2020. Massey decided that instead of looking for a new job, she would start a business that would cater to kids. Her experience with Code Ninjas helped her to make the decision to open a location in her hometown.

The Masseys didn’t go into things blind. Jessica has experience in business and management, and her husband has experience in the Cybersecurity world and builds his own computers.

Massey learned the ways of the Code Ninja, including how they kept track of a child’s progress in the program by adopting a belt system similar to that of schools that teach various styles of martial arts.

“Coding is basically another language like Spanish or Italian,” says Massey. “The prime time for children to start learning to code is from the ages of seven to 14. It is just so much easier to learn it then.”

Code Ninjas is located at 373 Garrisonville Road, Suite 101 in Stafford. Information for various subscription packages can be found at


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