Navy Veteran’s Wellness Business Flourishes with Help from Veterans Growing America

Mattilyn Ross and Dr. Keshia Ross

Mattilyn Ross, a Navy Reserve Corpsman, has embarked on a new journey as an entrepreneur, launching Wellness Remedies, a holistic wellness business to support civilians and veterans. Ross’ path to entrepreneurship was marked by determination and the invaluable support of organizations such as Veterans Growing America (VGA).

Ross’s venture into the wellness world began with a desire to find purpose beyond her military service. Initially joining the Navy Reserve to fund her education, Ross discovered a passion for community service and holistic care, inspired by her military experiences and her family’s service history.

“When I first joined the Navy Reserve, I saw it as a way to pay for school. But halfway through boot camp, I realized that traditional education wasn’t for me,” Ross shared. “I found fulfillment in serving my country and knew I wanted to continue making a difference.”

The turning point came when Ross encountered VGA during a pop-up event in Wardolf, Maryland. Recognizing the potential for growth and connection within the veteran community, Ross decided to seize the opportunity to become a vendor with VGA.

“Discovering Veterans Growing America was a game-changer for me,” Ross reflected. “Their support and guidance have been instrumental in shaping Wellness Remedies into what it is today.”

Since joining VGA’s vibrant community of entrepreneurs at the Stonebridge location, Wellness Remedies has flourished. Ross credits VGA for providing a supportive environment and helping her refine her marketing strategies and develop her sales pitch.

“At VGA, they encourage us to share our stories and connect with customers on a personal level. This emphasis on storytelling has been key to our success,” BrRossyant explained. “It’s more than just selling products—it’s about building relationships and making a positive impact.”

Looking to the future, Ross envisions expanding Wellness Remedies beyond the East Coast and creating a comprehensive wellness center alongside her mother, a therapist.

“Our goal is to offer holistic care that addresses the diverse needs of our community, both locally and nationally,” Ross shared. “With the support of organizations like VGA, I’m confident that we can continue to grow and make a difference in people’s lives.”

As Ross continues to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, her commitment to serving others and fostering community remains unwavering. Through partnerships with organizations like Veterans Growing America, Ross’ vision for Wellness Remedies is poised for continued success and impact.

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